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SIP Chargestar Auto40 Battery Charger

SIP Chargestar Auto40 Battery Charger

Our Chargestar Auto40 battery charger features three different charging modes, and dual voltage capabilities. An easy-to-use unit ready for a range of trade and professional applications.

  • Standard 230v input supply
  • 12v / 24v dual voltage capabilites
  • 40A (12v) / 20A (24v) output current
  • Three different charging modes:
    • 1. Manual user operation
    • 2. Automatic from saved parameters
    • 3. Automatic completely after START
  • Current selector, digital ammeter/voltmeter
  • Thermal overload and short circuit protections
  • Bespoke software for AGM, GEL, calcium, lead
  • Charge function done without voltage peaks
    which would damage motor vehicle elctronics
  • Polarity reversal protection, charge timer
  • 12v (10amp) stabilised support output
  • Charge voltage and alternator tester
  • Integrated Inverter technology
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • 2 year warranty

The SIP collection of starting and charging equipment features a number of powerful trade and professional units offering unrivaled performance in all applications and fantastic value.

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 03974
Input Supply 230v
Voltage(s) 12.0v / 24.0v
Output Current 40amp @ 12.0v
20amp @ 24.0v
Charging Modes 3 modes
Gross Weight n/a
Packaged Dimensions n/a