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Our catalogue pages features out latest full product and section catalogues, all of which are available for unlimited browsing and downloading for our distributors and customers. This page will be updated whenever SIP release a new full product or collection catalogue. If you are looking for our promotional brochures, you can browse them by clicking here.

SIP Welding & Metalwork 2018

The latest welding and metalworking update features machines for all welding types and plasma cutting, including a whole host of new products and technology updates! Our metalworking range features pillar drills, drill presses, bandsaws, circular saws and grinders.

SIP Woodworking 2018

Our updated collection of woodworking and woodturning equipment includes a selection of mitre saws, table saws, wood bandsaws, planers and thicknessers, morticers, spindle moulders, lathes, splitters and more, plus a selection of stands, benches and accessories.

SIP Lifting & Automotive 2018

The range of Lifting & Automotive has been updated for 2017, featuring a range of trolley, bottle and tranmission jacks, wheel and tyre equipment, engine supports, repairs kits, parts washers, plus a selection of industrial workshop presses, and oil drainers.

SIP Heating, Power & Water 2018

This extensive collection of shop accessories and power solutions includes a range of heating, cooling and air conditioning solutions, plus compact and industrial-grade generators, a large selection of pressure washers, pumps and a range of suitable hoses.

SIP Compressors/Air Tools 2018

SIP is known for market leading, world-class compressor technology and air tools. The updated range features cutting edge technology in a number of different compressors builds, screw compressors, piston compressors, plus a range of durable air tools, hoses and oils.

SIP Full Catalogue 2014/15

Our complete catalogue shows how far SIP have progressed since formation in 1968, becoming one of the largest suppliers of industrial equipment and machinery in the UK. It boasts a range of equipment from welding, compressors to automotive equipment and woodworking.

Winntec by SIP Automotive & Commercial Catalogue 2018

Winntec are an established and respected manufacturer, developer and supplier of high quality, efficient and extremely reliable professional automotive lifting equipment, suitable for a vast range of applications. The products are inexpensive, whilst retaining the outstanding quality and unrivalled technology that Winntec is known for, and covered by a 3 year warranty*.

Winntec by SIP Catalogue 2018

Our Winntec by SIP catalogue features a range of equipment suitable for both automotive and commercial application.

The latest expansion of our Winntec Automotive collection features an extensive range of extremely durable trolley jacks, reliable bottle jacks, pneumatic balloon jacks, workshop presses, a range of extensive shop and tyre equipment, jack stands, cranes and body repair kits - all suitable for amateur and professional applications in the automotive industry.

Our Winntec by SIP Commercial range features more heavy-duty, specialist equipment for fleets, large vehicles, farm machinery, lorries, buses and more, including long chassis jacks, heavy-duty bottle jack, and air service jacks, sturdy transmission jacks, forklift/tractor jacks, jack stands and more, for both amateur and professional applications.

*excludes abuse or neglect of equipment