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NEWS // Customer Testimonial: 100L QT Compressor!

"I needed a compressor, and for months during the pandemic, I studied available compressors that fit my price range and requirements. By chance, I went to my local farm equipment supplier, Chandlers. They had some small SIP Compressors on display. I took a catalogue and, within an hour, I had ordered the SIP QT 100/10. Why did I do this without hesitation? Quite simply, my research had already been done, but the SIP QT100/10 provided me with an extra layer of benefits, and it's so quiet! Rattling off nails from my nail guns on a Sunday isn't an issue, it doesn't suck electricity and doesn't need a 30amp supply... bonus!

The final point which sealed the deal is that it's mobile. Yes, it's kind of heavy getting it in and out of my small van, but that's my choice. I wanted the largest receiving tank I could lift. It runs off my SIP Medusa 3000w Generator so now I can build my garden spaces totally off-grid and still keep my professional touches, speed of build and use my favourite air tools. No compromise, no moaning, just a happy Ben."
- Benedict McGorty @sanctum_spaces

NEWS // SIP announce Zero to Landfill status

TEAM SIP are pleased to announce that, as of April 2021, we are now a Zero to Landfill organisation, disposing of waste in an environmentally sustainable way! No more of our business waste will be heading to landfill sites or end up in the ground.
SIP have found ways to dispose of a wide range of waste through a new waste management system, oil recycling facility, and recycling systems which are now in place for cardboard, plastic, and metal.

NEWS // Customer Testimonial: SIP Welders in Sculpting!

"As a poor post graduate student of Art & Design in 1997, I bought my first SIP MIG Welder on the recommendation from my local welding supplier. The fact it was a British company was even more brilliant to get my career off the ground. I did not know then that this would be the start of an amazing journey creating sculptures over 20 years.
My original SIP welder I had for over 10 years, and created hundreds sculptures and was a very loyal friend... it was time to move on and get a bigger SIP machine, SIP Ideal 180 Super to be precise, and also turn my crude welding skills to stainless steel. I couldn't believe how straightforward it was with the SIP machine to just swap out the wire, and that was it!
I have been making large stainless steel sculptures with my current SIP welder for many years, and it has never let me down under tight deadlines and heavy use... it is reliable and efficient."
- Michael Turner Studios, Sculptor

NEWS // First NARDI N2 Nitrogen Booster sold by SIP

SIP are proud to announce that our ongoing partnership with NARDI, the premium manufacturer of heavy-duty compressors based in Italy, has reached new heights with our first sale of their NARDI N2 Nitrogen Booster, purchased for use in the aerospace industry!

NEWS // SIP becomes distributor of DEWALT Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners!

SIP have become proud distributors of both DEWALT Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners and Industrial Air Products! DEWALT is synonymous with quality and heavy-duty performance, and SIP are excited to have DEWALT products on our roster! Find out more about them all here.

NEWS // New SIP Automotive & SIP Engineering Promotions out now!

Grab great deals on flagship SIP lines, customer favourites old and new, and sneak an exclusive first look at upcoming SIP products now in the brand new SIP Automotive and SIP Engineering Special promotions, out now! Browse and download yours right now!

NEWS // SIP proudly support Mission Motorsport & Bad Obsession!

SIP are proud to support and contribute SIP Automotive Equipment to Mission Motorsport, the forces motorsport charity, through our friends at Bad Obsession Motorsport, with all they need to take part in the City Car Cup Series 2021! Good luck from your friends at SIP!

NEWS // Customer Testimonial on SIP AIR

Hearing from satisfied customers never gets old, and SIP have received yet another one regarding our range of SIP AIR Compressors, and their exceptional build quality! The descendants of those SIP compressors mentioned above are STILL available today, with the same quality as ever.

NEWS // SIP partners with Bad Obsession Motorsport series

We have proudly supplied some of our latest garage and automotive equipment to our friends at Bad Obsession Motorsport, who are leading race and rally specialists with more than 50 years experience, knowledge, and passion. Their latest series - lovingly named Binky - features a custom -built and, hopefully, quick 1980 Mini 1000. Head to their YouTube channel for more.

NEWS // SIP compressor with 37 years of vehicle restoration

An SIP Compressor was recently spotted spraying a classic MGB at a private auto bodyshop in Essex! After some investigation by our sales representative in the area, we later learned that it has been used in frequent restoration of various vehicles for over 37 years. We were, of course, over the moon to see one of our old compressor performing like that day it was built.

NEWS // SIP 1970s welder in action for over 40 years

This SIP Ideal 120 welding machine was first manufactured in the 1970s, when SIP was still a small business operating out of South Wigston, Leicester. So when one of our sales staff stumbled across this at W Ganderton & Son, it was great to learn that not only is the machine still in operation, but that it's been working hard every day for over 40 years!