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SIP Chargestar 2DV Smart Battery Charger

SIP Chargestar 2DV Smart Battery Charger

The SIP Chargestar 2DV Smart Battery Charger is a multi-stage battery charger ideal for use with common battery types. The 1DV is designed for use with motorcycles, cars, and campervans.

  • 230v (13A) supply, 40w power
  • 7-stage charging cycle for all batteries
  • Ideal for motorcycles, cars, and campervans
  • 6v/12v battery voltage, automatic selection
  • 2A (6v) / 2A (12v) maximum rated outputs
  • 1.2 - 14Ah (6v) / 1.2 - 100Ah (12v) capacity
  • Suitable for Lead Acid, Wet Cell, VRLA,
    GEL, AGM, and Ca-Ca battery types
  • Integrated reverse polarity protection
  • 3x adaptor lead accessories included
  • Water and dust-resistant (IP65)
  • Swiss design / 3 year warranty

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 03551
Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Charger Power: 40w
Charging Voltage: 6v / 12v
Charging Cycle: 7-STAGE
Max. Rated Output: 2A
Battery Capacity: 1.2Ah - 14Ah (6v)
1.2Ah - 100Ah (12v)
Protection Level: IP65
Net Weight: 0.46kg
Gross Weight:
Product Dimensions:
Packaged Dimensions: 155(H) x 260(W) x 60mm(D)