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SIP Autoplus Mini 130 Synergic Inverter Welder

SIP Autoplus Mini 130 Synergic Inverter Welder

The SIP Autoplus Mini 130 Synergic MIG/ARC Inverter is a powerful garage-friendly inverter with infinitely variable power adjustment, superior welding arc stability, and Synergic controls.

  • 230v (13A) input supply
  • Dual function MIG/MMA (ARC) machine
  • 30A - 130A (MIG) / 30A - 115A (MMA) output
  • 130A (MIG) / 115A (MMA) @ 35% duty cycle
  • Infinitely variable welding power adjustment
  • Superior welding arc stability; very low spatter
  • Performs both GAS and GASLESS MIG welding
  • User-friendly Synergic and easy inverter controls
  • Low current performance for automotive work
  • Supplied with the following accessories:
    • Fixed MIG torch, earth lead/clamp
    • Electrode lead and electrode holder
    • Gas hose, gas bottle brackets

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Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 05793
Input Supply 230v (13A)
MIG Output Current 30A - 130A (MIG)
ARC Output Current 30A - 115A (ARC)
Duty Cycle 130A @ 35% (MIG)
115A @ 35% (ARC)
Output Voltage 15.5v - 20.5v (MIG)
21.2v - 24.6v (MMA)
Electrode Size 1.6, 2 , 2.4, 3.2mm
Wire Size 0.8 - 0.9mm
Spool Size 100mm
Insulation Class F
Protection IP21S
Net Weight 7.50kg
Gross Weight TBC
Packaged Dimensions TBC