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Anti-Spatter Spray

Anti-Spatter Spray

SIP Industrial Product's Anti-Spatter Spray are absolutely ideal for keeping a workspace or workpiece clean. These water-based aerosol release agents feature no harmful solvents, silicones or oils, and prevent spatter adhesion of welding equipment, jigs, workpieces and surfaces.

All our anti-spatter sprays do not interfere with any treatments, and are completely odourless and non-flammable, ensuring maximum safety when used. Additionally, all sprays have a fine spray pattern for total control. Sprays are fully available in 400ml cans, or alternatively can be ordered and purchased in cases of 12 upon request.

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SIP 400ml Advanced Anti-Spatter Spray
Item No. 02820

This Anti-Spatter Spray is a water-based aerosol spatter release agent that has no harmful solvents, silicones or oils, preventing spatter adhesion on equipment, jigs, workpieces or surfaces.

  • Prevents spatter adhesion
  • Fine spray pattern for total control
  • No harmful solvents, silicones or oils
  • Odourless, non-flammable, and safe
  • No interference with any treatments
  • Leaves little to no mess or residue
  • 12x case ordered upon request

SIP has a range of accessories and consumables on offer to perfectly complement all welders and plasma cutters. From shrouds and gas bottles to electrodes and wire - it's covered.

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