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SIP Spot Welders

SIP Spot Welders include two distinct types of spot welder; a large and ultra heavy-duty column spot welder operated via foot pedal and an electronic controller, and several handheld welders designed for less intense and prolonged use, and ideally suited for automotive and light sheet metal applications. Whatever the task at hand, SIP Spot Welders have something to accommodate. For more information, browse our catalogue.

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SIP 25KVA Pneumatic Column Spot Welder
Item No. 25113

The SIP 25KVA Pneumatic Column Spot Welder is operated through a foot pedal control and an electronic controller which features a 5-step welding sequence and an easy user interface.

  • 400v (50A) 1-phase input supply
  • 69psi (4.8bar) compressed air pressure
  • 340mm to 480mm standard arm length
  • 200mm distance between the two arms
  • 204kgF @ 340mm max. electrode force
  • 140kgF @ 450mm max. electrode force
  • 50KVA max. weld power; 25KVA @ 25%
  • 5+5mm (mild steel plate), 20+20mm (bar)
  • Adjustable tip pressure and throat depth
  • Fitted with high-quality water cooling hoses
  • Single or double pulses with increased control
    when welding oxidised, galvanised, stainless
    steel and other coated steels

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