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Our brand has been synonymous with the design and manufacture of the highest quality welding and compressed air technology since 1968, with value and reliability always in mind.

Today, the company offers a range varied as it is specialised, covering welding, compressors and air tools, woodworking, automotive and lifting, pressure washing and more. Our products are rich with features and designed to deliver superlative results, whatever the application.

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Item No. 05780
SIP HG2300DV MIG/ARC/TIG Synergic Inverter Welder

The HG2300DV is a multi-process inverter that takes advantage of Synergic welding technology. Select your process, gas, wire, and material, and the machine will do the rest. Synergic curves are used in mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium welding, offering high precision every time.

  • 230v (16A), 110v (13A) supply
  • Integrated Synergic technology
  • 40A - 200A (230v) MIG output
  • 10A - 180A (230v) ARC output
  • 10A - 180A (230v) TIG output
  • Save and load existing setups
  • GAS and GASLESS modes

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Throughout 2018, SIP are celebrating our 50th year in business, and we want to share it with you, which is why we bring our customers 5 Special Edition products featuring a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

SIP PX3/200-SRB Special Edition Anniversary Air Compressor

A large capacity, belt-driven and Special Edition version of our PX3 compressor line. It feature multi-finned flywheel for high cooling, cast iron barrel and reliable oil lubrication and overall top performance.

SIP 12" Metal-Cutting Special Edition Anniversary Bandsaw

A Special Edition and super heavy-duty bandsaw ideal for professional demands. It features a cast iron bow to improve accuracy, adjustable vice, and is mounted on wheels for movement between jobs.

SIP HG2300MP MIG/ARC/TIG Special Edition Inverter Welder

A versatile multi-process welder which takes full advantage of the latest inverter technology. All processes benefit from an extremely stable DC current for optimum performance each and every time.

SIP Tempest PP160/165 Special Edition Petrol Pressure Washer

A Honda GX petrol engine-driven pressure washer suitable for for on-site, agriculture, and heavy-duty work in open spaces. A brass pump and heavy-duty components mean reliable performance and long life.

SIP Medusa MGHP6.0FLR Special Edition Power Generator

A robust Honda petrol-powered generator featuring a heavy-duty maintenance-free alternator and a cast iron cylinder sleeve, all wheel-mounted on a rugged and durable full trolley-like frame design.