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SIP Summer 2019 Promotion

We are delighted to present our latest national brochure, the Summer 2019 Promotion, valid from 1st June 2019 to 30th September 2019. This promotion covers our latest ranges; welding and metalwork, compressors, air tools, lifting and automotive equipment, and much more! All products are available from 600+ distributors nationwide! Browse a copy for FREE here!

  • A range of new products exclusive to SIP
  • Convenient value-for-money package deals
  • Return of our full, comprehensive heating range
  • Improvement to existing products and technologies
What's new at SIP Industrial Products?

SIP 1230 & 1245 Wet & Dry
Professional Vacuum Cleaners

Designed for small offices, workshops, homes, garages, stores, and warehouses, both these professional vacuum cleaners feature 2-stage 1200w motors and shockproof polyethylene tanks.

SIP 1200/40 Professional
Valeting Machine

Designed for easy cleaning of carpets, fabrics, and upholstery in all locations and environments. A powerful 1200w motor and 40 litre stainless steel tank ensures heavy-duty use each time.

SIP Mains & Battery Electric
Floor Scrubber Dryers

A selection of electric scrubber dryers, with mains-powered and rechargeable battery options, offering heavy-duty and reliable mechanical traction, and large wheels for easy movement.

SIP CW2000, 2300, and 2800
Electric Pressure Washers

These standing units are powerful electric pressure washer fitted with highly durable brushless induction motors, variable water pressures and a ultra heavy-duty Axial pump for added performance.

SIP CW3000 Pro and CW4000
Pro Plus Pressure Washers

These trolley pressure washers are powerful electric models featuring 4-pole motors, variable water pressures, and brass-headed Triplex crankshaft pumps for sustained heavy-duty performance.

SIP 120HDS / 200HDS Hot Steam
Electric Pressure Washers

New electric pressure washers featuring effective hot steam washing capabilities, offering variable pressures, temperatures up to 140°C, and heavy-duty brass-headed Triplex crankshaft pumps.